Why I Volunteer For AMF

I recently was having a conversation with someone about why I volunteer for the Anthony Muñoz Foundation (AMF). They jokingly asked if it was the opportunity to golf at the TPC River’s Bend for a VERY reduced rate, which is the thank you to the people who volunteered for AMF’s annual Hall Of Fame Golf Classic. I told them that I appreciate the perk and the thank you, but that is not why I do it.

I volunteer because I believe in what AMF does and Anthony’s Muñoz‘s vision for his foundation…

The mission of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation is to impact the lives of Tri-State (Greater Cincinnati) area youth mentally, physically and spiritually through our eight Impact Programs:

Linemen of the Year Awards
“Impact for Eternity” Camp
Straight “A” Scholarship
AMF Scholarship Fund
Football Academy
Youth Leadership Seminar
Hispanic Character Camp
Whiz Kids

They see it as an Impact For Eternity. I have had the opportunity by volunteering at AMF’s Hall Of Fame Golf Classic, the Hall Of Fame Dinner, and the Youth Leadership Seminar (I even co-emcee’d a YLS one year with my best friend, Steve Holt). I have spoken with many of the students that have received scholarships from AMF and/or been challenged through the YLS to give back to their community, and each them are so grateful for the opportunities they have been given because of AMF.

Anthony and his foundation don’t just have a mission statement they are living and doing their mission statement. They are having an impact on the lives of the youth in the Tri-State (Greater Cincinnati) area. I just read a story today about a young lady named Alma Oñate and how she is taking the $20,000 scholarship she received in 2012 and wants to be doctor who cares for children in neighborhoods like the one where she was born in Mexico. You can read the story hereThat is why I volunteer.

Next week Thursday there will be over 1,300 students attending this years YLS on the campus of Xavier University and once again Anthony will be challenging the representivies of 100+ high schools to go back to their communities and to do a service project to help impact their community. It is an amazing opportunity to help challenge the teens to come up with some great ways for them to impact their communities. That is why I volunteer. If you would like to volunteer for it you can go here to volunteer.

I love that I get to partner with a great organization filled with amazing people who simply want to help people answer the question that Anthony asks, “Have you ever sat down and just thought about how you would want to be remembered as a person – not just an athlete or a student, but how you’d want other people to remember you?” I want to be remembered as someone who did what he could to help others see the potential they have within themselves to change their world. That is why I volunteer.

Why do you volunteer? Or for some of you, why do you not volunteer?

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