Light Boxes

A little while ago my wife, who leads the music team at The River Church, told me that she wanted to figure out how to have some lightboxes on the stage. She had purchased some LED Slim Par 56 lights and was using them for accent lighting but wanted to use them for the lightboxes.

I started thinking and thought about how we could make them and do it inexpensively. I wanted to share how I did it and what I used to make four of them.

I bought 16 – 8 foot 2″X2″ (they are really 1.5″X1.5″) boards, which were less than $30, then we bought 4 white twin flat sheets from Walmart for $5 each.

We had corrugated paper with a silver finish that we lined the backside and top with to make the light inside more reflective. It isn’t necessary, but it did make it a little brighter.

I cut 16 of the boards to 6′ in length. Then cut all the remaining boards to 11.5″, which should give you 32 boards. Then you just screw them all together. The boxes end up being 6′ high, 14.5″ wide & 14.5″ deep. We happen to have a 1/4″ sheet of plywood that we cut into 14.5″X14.5″ squares to use as a cap on the top.

My wife cut the bedsheets to the proper length and then sewed them together so that they could be slid over the wooden boxes. It isn’t necessary to make them that way, but we did it so that we could easily change out the material if we wanted to give them a different look in the future.

Below are some pictures of what they look like…
Here is a pic up close so you can see how it was put together.

Full shot without the sheet on it.

A pic of one with the sheet and all lit up.

A pic of all four lit up on the stage.

And the banners were made for our “How To Live A Satisfied Life”, which are printed on vinyl and the words are all related to satisfied and joy that we found in a thesaurus.

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