I Want To Go To Haiti

Ever since I was a little kid Haiti has been on my heart. As kids, we would do a thing called the “penny march” where we would bring up money and put it in a jar and the money was going to some missionaries in Haiti that were raising money to build an orphanage in Port au Prince. When Kimmy and I arrived here at The River Church I was thrilled to see that this church had a heart for Haiti, and has gone there on mission trips for the past 7 years or so.

They were supposed to be going there to the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in February to install solar panels at one of their buildings and I really wanted to go with them then. However, with us just moving down here and money being tight for us I knew it wouldn’t work, because I couldn’t get my deposit money in on time. Then the earthquake struck in Port au Prince and it delayed their trip until the end of March and the beginning of February. One of the team members was not able to go as a result and so there was an opening.

After spending some more time in prayer and talking it over with my wife I really feel that this is something God wants me to do. The problem is that we still don’t have the money to go, so God will have to lay it on some people’s hearts to donate money so that I can go. Fortunately, we are going to be getting a tax return and that will help with some of the cost. And there have been a couple of people have said that they could give some, but I am still a long way off from the $1800 that I will need.

I know that some people may be wondering why it is that I would be going to the northwest part of Haiti when it is Port au Prince that needs help due to the earthquake. The reason is not just because that is where my church was scheduled to go, but that there is also a need there. Lots of people have migrated north to get away from the devastated areas in the south there, so there is a need there. The mission there has an opportunity to help people affected by the earthquake, so if we can go and help in any way then I know that it will have a longer-term impact then just the week and a half that we will be there.

So if you would pray that God helps me to be able to get the money to go I would appreciate it. And if God lays it on your heart to make a contribution to help me go that would be great. Just send me an email to: todd @ HitTheRiver.com (I spaced it out so that I don’t get spammed) and I will let you know how you can do that. Thanks, I want to embrace the danger and uncertainty of obeying God. As always I am just trying to follow Him wherever He leads me.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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