The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

Yesterday, I got to go to CCHA playoff game between Michigan and Alaska, and couldn’t use them. So I found two teens from my church to go with me. (We couldn’t find a third to fill the fourth seat.)

It was a really great game in which the University of Michigan Wolverines dominated the Alaskan Nanooks despite all the Alaska, Northern Michigan and Notre Dame fans that were in attendance. You should have heard the roar when Alaska scored their one goal.

I think that college hockey is one of the best of college sport. There is such a cool atmosphere at the games. One of the things I love about college over pro sports is how everyone wears their teams colors and has such pride in their teams. It is so much better than pro sport fans. Michigan hockey fans have some of the best cheers, you can see them here and hear them at the Old Barn (Yost Ice Arena), which is considered one of the toughest places for visiting teams to play hockey and the best places to play hockey.

And for your viewing pleasure here is the Hockey Song.

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