Asics Gel-Kahana 2 Review

Asics Gel-Kahana 2For my birthday my mom bought me a new pair of running shoes. My very first pair of running shoes where the Asics Gel-Kanbarra 2 and I loved them, so for me it was only natural to stick with Asics as my brand of running shoe. This time around I got the Gel-Kahana 2 running shoes.

I ran in the Winter Witch’s Hat 5K on February 7th and that was my first time running outside with them. They felt great and not only provided great support, but because they are more of a trail shoe, it provides great traction for running in the winter time on the road. I have ran several times outside since then and I love these shoes. I am pretty sure that I will also be sticking with Asics as my shoe of choice for running. Their fit, comfort, and support are wonderful.

I am a newbie to running so I am no expert on running shoes, but for me these shoes are great. And I also think that they are reasonably priced. If you are looking to get into running or maybe you have been running for a long time I would encourage you to check out the Asics brand and especially the Gel-Kahana 2 shoes. They have an excellent tool on their site to help you fin the right shoe for you, check it out here.

Check out their latest ad campaign.

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