My Crazy Life

I generally have a crazy life, which I don’t mind but it sure does make for some very interesting times. I love the spontaneity that life can bring and it can even be humorous at times. Like how a little over a week ago I got laid off and how I have spent almost 15 years looking for a full-time ministry position, which still has yet to happen. However, I believe that this lay off may be a partial answer to that prayer and that God was getting us ready for that opportunity.

I have been keeping myself busy since my lay off with sending out resumes and applying for unemployment. I had a friend of mine who’s husband owns a flood restoration business as his side job named Scene Kleen, and they asked me if I could give him a hand while I was laid off so I have been helping him do that. The first house we had to work on was the home of a 91 year old woman, who lived alone. This woman has accumulated 25 years of crap and hardly ever gotten rid of anything. She had a pipe burst in her kitchen and it flooded the kitchen and family room, so we had to clean out those two rooms before we could dry them out.

When we walked into the kitchen, which was the first room we entered, I was shocked! You could hardly walk anywhere and how a 91 year old woman got around without injuring herself is beyond me. There was mice feces on the table and the counter tops along with mouse traps in which the mouse trap on the counter and captured one. I didn’t get any pictures of the kitchen or family room, but I did get some of the hallway and three bedrooms. It is really sad but the house could be really nice for someone to live in when it gets all cleaned out. It took one 40 yard dumpster to clean out the kitchen, family and a portion of the basement that was damaged from the water that came through the floor.

This is the hallway and if you notice you can not get into the back bedrooms, because there is a wall of stuff blocking entry to them.

This is the master bedroom, which is the last room on the right and has not been used in who knows how long.

This is the bedroom we figured she used, because one of the twin beds did not have stuff piled on it. Although you can see that the other one did.

This is the last bedroom on the left, which had probably not been entered in a long time just like the master bedroom.

But my crazy life doesn’t end there. I had been sending my resume out to several churches and I sent one to a church last week Tuesday and was called for an interview on Wednesday. I then received an email from the pastor on Sunday and we are now flying out this weekend for an interview. We are flying out on my wife’s birthday and come back on Tuesday. And that is how crazy my life can be, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the craziness.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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