Tweet Revenge

Twitter is becoming a really powerful tool and is beginning to influence the way companies do business. A lot of companies have people that do searches via Google to scour blogs and see what people are saying about their companies and now they are even including Twitter in that as well. Image is everything and if people have a negative image of your company and are badmouthing your customer service, product line or commercials via the blogosphere or in the Twitterverse that can really ruin a companies image. Especially in this economy.

Motrin recently experienced this with a recent ad campaign that they had and have now pulled. One of my friends blogged about it and expressed her opinion for the ad and how it showed bad judgment on Motrin’s part. And people on Twitter also talked about it so much so that it caused Motrin to pull the ad and issue and apology that as of today you can still see on the front page of their website. The USA Today had an article about week ago that talked about how “Moms offended by Motrin ad get tweet revenge through Twitter”. You can still find the ad on YouTube, which is another powerful tool that is influencing companies decisions. I am sure they will be getting the people at YouTube to pull all remnants of this ad, but for now it is still there. You can see it below.

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