Asics Gel-Kanbarra 2 Review

Asics Gel-Kanbarra 2Back in March I bought a pair of Asics Gel-Kanbarra 2 to use at the gym and for when I would run in my first 5K. I waited to do a review on them until I had a chance to use them for a while and to run in the 5K.

I had chosen the Firecraker 5K in Manistee, MI for my first 5K and I hadn’t known at the time that the 5K was going to be sponsored by Asics, so this review is not influenced by that. But I am sure they made the race in such a way that people who had Asics on would have the best experience. LOL

Anyway, for someone is not an expert runner since I have only recently taken up running I must say that these Asics shoes are really comfortable. I am someone that loves walking around barefoot and these shoes hardly feel like they are on, because they are so light. They also make it feel like you are running on soft ground, because they cushion your feet very well. All in all I really love my Asics shoes and will probably only purchase them for running. I highly recommend Asics shoes and I know several other people that have said that the really like them as well, both runners and non-runners. Below is a picture of me from the Firecracker 5K running in my Asics shoes.

And here is another one after the race with my cousin, Kelly, and her husband, Robb, who both ran the 5K with me. In case you are wondering I ran the 5K in 25 minutes, which I am told is a good time, and I finished in 8th place for my age category.

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