Coasters and Mullets

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a teenager sporting the mullet. Look at this beautiful mullet I saw while at Cedar Point today. I was standing in line for the Millenium Force when I saw mullet-boy and was trying to find a way to get a picture of him. Finally, he stood against the wall with the Millenium Force’s hill behind like he knew I wanted to take his picture. And now I posted it here for your viewing pleasure.

Of course I have to mention the guy I saw wearing patriotic spandex. The right leg had the stripes and the left had the stars. If I see him again I plan on getting a picture, because that is not something you see everyday.

Now it is time to eat my lunch after taking one of the students to first aid, because she got her hand smashed on the Sky Ride. It seemed to be okay, but I think her parents may take in for x-rays tonight to be sure. Another fun-filled day at America’s Roller Coast.

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