New Running Shoes and New Lawnmower

Asics Gel-Kanbarra 2Last week I bought a new pair of running shoes for when I run on the treadmill at the gym and eventually (if it ever warms up) outside. My other shoes were pretty worn out and pretty cheap to begin with, so I decided to get a decent pair of shoes. I saw that Kohls had a sale on shoes and headed over there to check them out. I ended up getting a pair of Asics Gel-Kanbarra 2 running shoes. I don’t know a lot about running but I do know that Asics are a good running shoe, so I went with them. Plus, they felt great when I tried them on. I haven’t used them very much to give a review, but I will give a review after wearing them for a few weeks.

Neuton Lawn MowerOn the same day I also bought a new lawn mower. At the end of last year my old lawn mower that I had for about 12 years kind of died and so we needed a new one. Since I have been doing what I can to care more for the environment I went with a battery powered lawn mower. A friend of mine ordered one and so I sent away for some of the materials about it so I can see what they were all about and check the prices. So I ended up getting a Neuton Lawn Mower. I am looking forward to mowing my lawn and not emitting any air pollutants or noise pollution.

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