Overnighter or Overnightmare?

This video has been floating around on several blogs of some of my fellow friends in student ministry. I wanted to repost it here, because I think that it is stinkin’ hilarious.

I have heard overnighters referred to as overnightmares by many youth pastors, but I have to disagree. I love overnighters! I really do. I think it is one of the best times for you to connect with students and actually have some pretty good conversations with them. My church recently had one with the senior higher’s at our church, but I was not able to attend because Kimmy and I went out on a date for my birthday and for Valentine’s Day.

The next day I was talking to one of my fellow volunteers from the student ministry and she was talking about how much fun it was and how everyone was having such a good time. And I was a little bit jealous because I missed out on it. Then on Sunday many of the students were raving about how much fun they had and it got me to thinking why student ministries don’t do more of these. I know the answer is because many youth pastor’s don’t like doing them, but I think that is a shame and they are missing out on some really cool and valuable ministry time with students.

Oh well, I guess I am just an oddball because I like them. Anyway, enjoy the video it is really funny.

HT to Josh.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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