Hail To Coach Rod

Coach Rod at CrislerCoach Rod addresses the crowd at Crisler arena during halftime of the 80-70 whipping Michigan gave OSU

“I’ve been called a lot of things in the last month. Some of them haven’t been real friendly,” he quipped. “One of the best things anyone called me it was one of the former lettermen last night. He said, ‘Coach Rod, you are a Michigan Man.’ And you’re damn right I am. Go Blue!”

I am looking forward to the upcoming football season. I am liking what I am hearing from him.

And in another case of Buckeye fans showing their class….

Rodriguez’s message rang clear over the obscenities and catcalls from about 100 Ohio State fans seated in the last few rows of Crisler’s upper bowl.

And Coach Rod gave no predictions for The Game, which I am happy to hear that he did not. I really don’t like stuff like that, but I will admit that Tressel backed it up.

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