Nice Buckeye “Fans”

I just got a private message from TIMBUCKEYE08 on My ESPN, which is a place where you can create a fan profile, that said….

on a scale from 1-10 how ***** gay r u .nice sunglasses you *****.o yeah michigan ***** sucks you *****.over the last 7 yrs. osu (6-1)

Obviously the “*****”s are swear words that were edited out by ESPN. To be fair, here is my reply….

Wow! You just showed the extreme intelligence of the average Buckeye fan. Fortunately I have enough friends who are Buckeye fans to know that there are some decent ones out there who would not stoop to this level.

Seriously, why would you do this? I never did this to any of my Buckeye friends or any Buckeye fan during the Cooper 1-9-1 years.

Seriously, why would someone do this? It makes no sense to me. I put the word fan in quotes, because I do not believe a true fan would act in such a manner. This stuff cracks me up.

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