Bloggin’ Through 2007

It is that time again to recap the past year, so I went back and looked at the first post of every month and provided a link to them below with a little commentary.

JanuaryWe Interrupt This Day Of College Football…. was all about how the Detroit Lions were so disappointing once again. And the fact that there are stupid people out there still thinking it is all Matt Millen’s fault when the reality is that the Lions have sucked since William Clay Ford, Sr. bought the team. This past season ended 50 years of Lions sucking since their last championship.

FebruaryPhil Rocks!!!, which is the annual Groundhog Day report. And Jesus Camp & The Illusionist, which were reviews I did on those two movies.

March – I asked the questions of “Should Churches Be Green?” What do you think?

AprilSoul Cravings, which is a book by Erwin McManus that I read and reviewed.


JuneBanging My Head….. because if the stupidity of my state’s government.

JulyA Generous Orthodoxy (Book Review) by Brian McLaren.

AugustServe God, Save the Planet (Book Review) by J. Matthew Sleeth. I have been reading a lot more this year than before, so I had a lot of book reviews this past year.

SeptemberWhat A Start To College Football! No need for further commentary. It is one of the lowlights in the history of Michigan football.

October – A lot happened in the month of October, but the first post was all about Amish Grace. The rest of the month was mainly about our trip aboard the Pacific Catalyst.

November – This month’s blogging was dominated by the NYWC, but it started off with a 10-20-30 Tag from my friend Adam.

DecemberiGoogle, which was my discovering of one of the coolest pages on the web. And then I shared my NYWC Pictures with my blog friends.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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