Just to Appease My Little Sister….

Well, she is actually older (much older, I might add) but she is shorter than me so I think of her as my little sister. Anyway, she complained that I didn’t mention my other gifts, especially the one’s she got me. So I will do so now.

My lovely and amazing sister got me a uber cool button down short that is brownish gray with white vertical stripes. I also got a Michigan rugby style shirt that has horizontal maize and blue stripes that my cute niece told my sister to get me. Thanks, sis, I do love them.

Along with my Michigan hockey sweater that my in-laws bought for me to wear when I go see Michigan play at the GLI, I got a $25 gift card to Caribou Coffee. That happens to be my favorite coffee shop and has much better coffee than $tar$uck$. I have always wanted a French press to make coffee in, so I decided to check and see if the ‘Bou had one. And much to my delight they did!

Retro French PressI ended up getting a Retro Travel Press. And now I can make my own personal cup of coffee via the French press style, which is the best way to make coffee. And it stays nice and warm for a long time. I added a pound of Reindeer Blend to go with it.

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