Merry Christmas 2007

Xmas Present 2007We did Christmas with Kimmy’s family on Saturday, because her brother and his wife went to Pennsylvania yesterday to spend Christmas with her family. My in-laws got me a Michigan hockey sweater, which is something I have wanted for a VERY long time. And then today, Kimmy and the kids gave me tickets to go to see Michigan’s hockey team play at The Joe for the Great Lakes Invitational. I have not been to a Michigan hockey game in years, so this was a cool gift. But what makes it even better is that I got 4 tickets, which means the whole family is going with me. That is the coolest part about it all. They are going with me.

I also got a pair of size 34 jeans from Kimmy and a large sweater. It is hard to believe that last year I was wearing 38 jeans and XL shirts, but now I am down to those sizes. All in all it has been a good Christmas and I can not wait until Friday to go with my family to see Michigan stomp Providence’s hockey team.

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