iGoogleSo I am a little late to come to find out how wonderful iGoogle is and what a useful tool it is. I know that several people have already been using this for a long time now, but I hesitated mainly because I thought that it was easier to just navigate to the different sites I would normally go to. But then when I found out that it would in essence give me all those things in one easy place, plus much more, I was sold.

The other thing that iGoogle has that I find very useful is that it will integrate Google Reader with it as well as Google Analytics. So I can catch up on people’s blogs and see my own blogs site stats in one easy place. It really is an easy way to check your stuff on the web.

If you do not know what a reader is let me explain it real easily. When you go to your Google Reader page or better yet, your iGoogle page, it will have already gone and checked the blogs that you frequently read and pull up the latest posts for you and then you can read them right there. That way now you do not have to go to 5, 10, 15 or 20 sites to read their latest posts, but instead you go to one site and find out that only 5 of the 15 you frequent were updated. It is really handy and easy. I highly recommend it.

There is only one drawback to it and that is that it does not show up on other people’s site meters that you have actually read their blog post. So I would recommend that you occasionally leave comments letting them know that you are reading. It is just a nice thing to do. 😉

Speaking of RSS feeds…. I figured that I would let you know that I have put my blog up on FeedBurner, so you can subscribe to my blogs feed in your Google Reader. Not sure if the old feed is still active or not, so you may want to use this one. There is a link for it to the top left and here it is as well….
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