Michigan/MSU Rivalry

Last week Michigan played in their annual rivalry football game against the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan prevailed once again 28-24.  Leading up to this game there is always a lot of hype and talk.  Coaches and players do their best to prevent anything from being said that could become “bulletin board material”.  In fact, our local news sports person will run the “cliche meter”, so you can count the cliches used during new conferences with players and coaches. It is pretty funny.
But after the game there are usually lots of things said. And Michigan decided after the game to hold a moment of silence, because MSU’s head coach had made a comment about holding a moment of silence for Michigan during one of his press conferences after he was told that Michigan had lost to Appalachian State University. So they were just kind of returning the favor. No big deal, just some fun poking back. But the response by MSU was that Michigan had no class. Where was the outrage at Dantonio’s comments when he said they should have a moment of silence for Michigan? There wasn’t any.

Then Mike Hart was asked about how they were down by 10 late in the game, he had said….

“I was just laughing. I thought it was funny. They got excited. It’s good. Sometimes you get your little brother excited when you’re playing basketball and let him get the lead, then you just come back and take it back.”You mean MSU is U-M’s little brother?”Yep. That’s what they think, so it’s what I think.”

And MSU’s QB said that Hart was classless and….

“Sooner or later, the little brother, you want to put us that way, you get pushed around enough, the little brother fights back and kicks the other brother’s ass”.

But yet Mike Hart was just repeating the fact that MSU called themselves Michigan’s little brother several times leading up to the game. It just amazes me how they forget those things.

Oh well, as a Michigan fan, I am happy. This rivalry had gotten pretty boring lately and it is nice to see the feistiness come back to it. I am really looking forward to next years game and decided to add a countdown to it on the right side bar. ——>

But I think Michigan really needs to step it up otherwise this could end up bad for them. With the hiring of Dantonio this could turn out just like when OSU hired Tressel and turn this rivalry the wrong way. I believe that LLoyd Carr has been planning to retire before this season even started and that means we will be looking for a new coach. I hope that Michigan will spare no expense to get the best coach out there and I believe that person is Les Miles. Les Miles is a Michigan Man and one of the best coaches in college football today and the best coach for the Michigan program to lead it to the next level and beyond.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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