Michigan vs. MSU

This weekend is the big Michigan vs. MSU college football game (and people think the Patriots vs. the Colts is big. BAH!) Well, I am sitting here at work listening to the radio as I work and they are having people call in with Michigan/MSU jokes. And the best one by far is this one….

Why should O.J. have hidden out at MSU’s campus?

Because that is the last place anyone would look for a Heisman Trophy winner.

Here are some others that you could easily switch MSU for OSU.

How do you get an MSU grad off of your porch? Pay him for the pizza!

What are the 9 proud words spoken by every MSU grad? “Hi, welcome to McDonald's may I take your order?”

What does the MSU grad say to the UofM grad every morning? “Good morning, boss.”

I love college rivarlies because of all the good natured fun. MSU fans feel free to leave your own jokes in the comments.

BTW, this is the 100th game in the series. And for the record Michigan leads it 66-28-5. GO BLUE!!!

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