Sex God

I finished reading Rob Bell’s book Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality And Spirituality yesterday. I continue to be amazed at how much Rob continues to rock my world. But before I get into that, I want to first off all calm everyones fear and help them understand the purpose behind his book. […]


I just got done watching the following video from Todd Friel (host of The Way of the Master Radio), which he put up in response to Rob Bell’s Nooma video titled “Bullhorn“. I am really amazed at how a guy can sit back and judge someone based on a 12 minute video that they saw […]

Off-Road Disciplines

I just finished Earl Creps’ book, Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders. I was able to obtain this book for free because Earl had a deal for bloggers that he would send them a copy for free if you were “willing to write a review of the book for your blog AND on“. […]

Super Bowl Ramblings

Congratulations to Tony Dungy and the Indianapolis Colts on winning this year’s Super Bowl. I did not watch the whole game, because I was playing Euchre and Risk but what I did see impressed me. The Colts played very good and simply outplayed the Chicago Bears. Although I do have to add that in the […]

Jesus Camp & The Illusionist

I have recently had the opportunity to watch the movie Jesus Camp. Having had grown up in a pentecostal/charismatic church all I can say is, “Wow, that is eerily familiar.” Some things that I noticed….. 1) That whole part were the adults basically used fear and intimidation to get kids to commit to a relationship […]

Phil Rocks!!!

Four out of five groundhogs agree: spring is going to come early this year. Phil’s official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler’s Knob: El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed. Global warming […]