Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday

Sanctity of Human LifeEvery year that this comes up, you never have to remind me of how many years that it has been since Roe V. Wade was decided upon. I know it because it it the same number of years that I will be turning in age a little over a month later. 1973 was a big year in more ways than one, because this nation set itself on a horrible course.

But sadly, I think that it is not our nation that got the worst of it. I think that the Church did. Why, you ask? Because it has caused the Church to have tunnel vision. All they see when they talk about the sanctity of human life is unborn children. But all life is sacred and needs to be cared for. The Church, in my opinion, has gotten so focused on this one thing and we have allowed injustice to run rampant. Every 8 seconds, someone in the world dies of AIDS. That is 10,000 people on a Sunday. And what has the Church done about that? Sadly, not much.

What about basic human needs in the world like clean water?

1.2 billion people don’t have access to potable water (roughly one sixth of the world’s population).

2.4 billion people lack proper sanitation services (about two fifths of the world’s population).

Around 5760 children die each day (4 per minute, 2.1 million each year) from illnesses associated with a lack of drinking water, basic sanitation, and a bad level of hygiene – the equivalent of 30 Boeing 747s crashing each day. And roughly 1 million adults, predominantly women, die each year.

The above information came from this website.

Why not talk about those things on “Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday”? Instead all the church focuses on is abortion. Is it tragic and horrible? Yes! But according to this website the number of babies aborted in one year here in the U.S., has yet to reach the numbers of children worldwide that have died due to lack of clean water and basic sanitation. But sadly the Church hasn’t done or said much about the need for clean water.

prayertapeI know that many people will declare that I am not a “true Christian” for thinking like this, but I am honestly wondering if maybe the Church needs to back off the whole abortion and go the route that The Cause has. They are a movement of mainly 20-somethings that is a grassroots movement of prayer and fasting to contend for the return of righteousness and justice to America. I think it is time for the Church to take the issue of abortion to prayer and prayer alone.

I am beginning to be amazed at how we have allowed abortion to be one of the sole issues that will base our votes on, and I am guilty of that. But yet we have allowed injustice to continue in many areas and I think that pisses Jesus off. We need to start looking at how we are treating our environment and social justice issues as well. So I say that we turn the “Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday” into something that will truly show that all of life is sacred, because everything is sacred and spiritual.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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