We Interrupt This Day Of College Football….

to talk about the Detroit Lions. I am so disgusted with them after yesterday. They had a chance to get the first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and what do they do? They win the last game of the year, pretty well assuring them of not being able to get their pick of the litter. They can not even succeed at sucking!

And then you have morons who run sites like the firemillen.com that are of no use. Like Matt Millen is the big problem with the Lions. Did they know that since 1964 the lions have gone 274-365-13 since then over 652 games. That is a winning percentage of 42% with a whopping 13 winning seasons over those 43 years, that means the Lions have been a winning team 30% of the time during that stretch. And what is so significant about 1964, you ask? That is the year that William Clay Ford, Sr. took over sole ownership of the Detroit Lions. But yet the idiots at firemillen.com are expending their energy on getting rid of Matt Millen. WAKE UP, BOZOS!!! He is not our big problem, the owner is.

You want to do something to see change. The fans should continue to buy season tickets, but not go to the games. That will cause him to lose money on parking, concessions, souvenirs, etc. And then on Thanksgiving Day have everyone show up and at kickoff walk out of the stadium without having bought any concessions, souvenirs, etc. and that will cause Ford to have the public humiliation that he deserves and will maybe make him finally do something to change the course of this team. He obviously doesn’t care about the fans, so we need to make him care. He makes money hand over fist off of us and continues to spit in our faces and we keep thanking him every time. I would feel bad for the players to have that happen to them, but it is high time we do something. The Lions are a disgrace to the NFL and the city of Detroit and the fans. Either Ford does something to change, he sells the team, moves the team, or I hope and pray the NFL shuts it down.

As for me, I am seriously considering turning in my Lions fan card. Thank God for the University of Michigan football team otherwise i might just lose it all. Speaking of the University of Michigan…..


Oh yeah, and here is my Lions fan card….

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