The Nativity Story

Kimmy and I on Monday got to see a special sneak preview of The Nativity Story. I thought it was actually very well done. We both were impressed with it and I do not feel that it was cheesy. Okay, there was one cheesy part. The whole manger scene looked just like many photos you would see, but it wasn’t that bad. But there was some very funny lines and moments!

Then there is the whole historical inaccuracy of the 3 Magi being there at Jesus’ birth. But overall I thought it was very good and gave you some very interesting perspectives.

Some of them being how Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes– The Queen of Naboo from Episode 3) was betrothed to a man she didn’t know or love. And her whole reaction and wrestling with that. And how when Mary came back from her visit with Elizabeth (Shohreh Aghdashloo– Dina from 24) that she would have been fairly obviously pregnant and how though Joesph stood up for her, the community would still look down on them.

I also liked the fact that Mary was played by a very ordinary looking woman and that Joesph was as well. All of the actors I thought looked the part. In other words the cast were not white people, but middle eastern looking people. And the guy who played Herod, did a great job of playing his evilness.

I would recommend seeing it. We plan on getting it when it comes out on DVD.

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