6 More Weeks Until……

I am really looking forward to this game, because it is really shaping up to be a good game. But I have to give a little dig at that team down South. They have such pride in their famous “Script Ohio” as you can see in this picture….

And as a Michigan fan, I have to admit that it is actually pretty cool to watch them do it. But I found out something interesting today. Do you know who showed them how to do that? Yep, THE University of Michigan Marching Band! In the Big 10 there is a history of the home team’s marching band playing the opposing school’s fight song, which Michigan’s Band does when they march down to the south end of the stadium where most of their fans sit. And back in 1932 they decided to form the word “Ohio” and did it in the “Script Ohio” formation. Then 4 years later, the OSU Marching Band finally figured out how to do it and it became a tradition. Here is a picture of the first time it was done, by the Michigan Marching Band.

Notice the darker color band uniforms? They have a nice maize accent to them! So OSU can’t even figure out their own signature moves and traditions without having Michigan to thank for it! You gotta love it!

And just so you can read it for yourself, here are the links to the places where I saw it. Michigan Marching Band, Wikipedia & OSU’s Online Library

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