Cali- August 14th

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Today we headed out to KT’s apartment to help her and Derek pack up her stuff into the truck to be shipped off to North Carolina. It took quite a bit of time to get it all loaded into the truck, but we did get it done and then headed off to Souplantation for one last meal before we had to fly back home.

We got to the rental car place late, which of course got us to the airport late. But everything went pretty quick and we got to the gate with about 10 minutes to spare before they started boarding our plane. Flight was really smooth and we ended up getting home about 2:00a. So we crashed and slept until 9:00a when my mother-in-law dropped off our kids.

I am He-man!!!

It is all just about done!

Our last meal in Cali with Derek and KT, but not with Dirk!

The happy couple rests before they begin their long journey across the country.

The honeymoon car!!!

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