Cali- August 13th

On Sunday we went an visited Dirk’s church, Chrisitan Assembly in Eagle Rock. It was really cool! The worship leader there is Tommy Walker and he and the whole team were really good. The pastor who spoke was really good as well. You can listen to the message she spoke here. If only Kimmy could have stayed awake for it! She had taken a Dramamine before we left, because she thought she was getting motion sickness so she had a hard time keeping her eyes open.

Then after church we headed over to a nearby mall to drop off the tuxes. And then onto my cousins house in the Westwood area of L.A.

After arriving there and sitting down to chat for a while we decided to head into Hollywood and do some of the typical touristy types of things. We first stopped by Rodeo Drive. And we saw some of the ghetto sights like the totally ghetto ice cream truck we saw parked on the street. But what was the most amazing thing to me was when we went into the Tiffany & Co. store. When I saw a pair of earrings for $470,000, I nearly crapped my pants! With people around the world starving and dying of AIDS, I just found it hard to believe that people can spend that much money on a pair of stupid earrings. Didn’t see anyone famous there, but I hear most celebs avoid that area on Sundays.

Then headed over and saw the famous Hollywood sign. It was a steep walk up a hill to get a good view of the sign, but it was really pretty up there. Although, Kimmy got a little nervous when she saw the sign warning of rattlesnakes and mountain lions that could be in the area. We didn’t run into any, but did see a lot of horses at a riding stable in the area and a lizard.

After that we headed down to Hollywood and Vine to check out all of the cool stuff down there. We saw some neat street performers, but the best was this guy all painted in gold acting like a moving statue. It was really neat.

We then headed back to my cousin’s house for some food and hanging out time. However, on the way there I got a phone call from my mom that ended up being the topic of discussion for the evening. I will maybe blog about it later, but what I found out was that one of the students at my old church had announced that Sunday to the church, as a form of repentance, that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. Sent me a reeling quite a bit, but more on that later, like I said.

Are those two celebs on Rodeo?

The ghetto ice cream truck on Rodeo.

This guy was standing guard outside this store and was as still as a statue, but he was real!

A beautiful look down Rodeo Drive.

This little guy was hanging on the side of the mountain we were climbing up.

The big sign and someone knocked the “land” off of it.

This was the riding stable that we saw.

This is the beautiful view behind us that we saw at the top.

This is the golden statue that we saw. I wonder if his name is Oscar.

I was so tempted to go see the movie again.

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