Sad News….

Kimmy went to the doctors yesterday, because she has not been feeling well. She had a persistent cough for 4 weeks and went a few weeks ago and they did nothing. So yesterday when she went they checked her out and they gave her some nasal spray and an inhaler. Then they sent her across the street to the hospital, because of all the coughing her side hurts real bad and they wanted to get an x-ray to make sure she didn’t break a rib or anything.

Well, when she was at the doctor’s office she went to check out and pay her deductible and the lady behind the desk says that she sees that Kim still has her insurance through her husband’s work. And kim said, “Yep.”

Then the lady asks her if she wants to have another emergency contact person, so Kim said, “Yeah, put my mom on there” and gave her mom’s phone number. Then the lady asks if she wants to add anyone else and she said that her mom and her husband should be fine and that I would be the best one.

The lady then says, “Oh, your married?”

Kim responded, “Yes, you said that my insurance was through my husband’s work.”

To which the lady says, “But it says here that your husband is deceased. I am guessing someone entered that in wrong.”

So I am sad to tell Derek and KT that I can’t be at their wedding, because I am dead!

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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