Big Milestone!!!

My boy is getting big! He lost his first tooth today at school. He has had about 6 teeth that have been loose for over a month. So today at school he said it turned sideways and he just pulled it out. He is one tough cookie, I guess. My little buddy is growing up! […]

Long Weekend…..

We had a friend come from Chicago to visit, so I haven’t had much chance to blog this week or weekend because of that. But stay tuned for more deep thoughts! But I did notice that I am dangerously close to having 5,000 visitors! If you are the magic number 5,000 (and didn’t cheat!) Let […]

Sad News….

Kimmy went to the doctors yesterday, because she has not been feeling well. She had a persistent cough for 4 weeks and went a few weeks ago and they did nothing. So yesterday when she went they checked her out and they gave her some nasal spray and an inhaler. Then they sent her across […]

I Got Tagged!!!

I (A Meme)By Adam McLane I was tagged by Adam – who was tagged by Ryan – who was tagged by Len – who was tagged by Andy – who was tagged by Mindi – who was tagged by Renee – who was tagged by Bobbie I AM: A husband, dad and youthworker at RSM […]