Amazing Book!!!

I just read the book “A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness” and I am floored! I will write more about it later, but here is the desription on the back of the book… This modern classic will bring light, clarity, and comfort to the brokenhearted. Many Christians have experienced pain, loss, and […]

One Year….

It was one year ago on 7 March 2005 that I started blogging. But that is not what I am referring to in my title. I was referring to the fact that it has been one year since I left my previous church. You can read about my debacle of my last sunday here if […]

707 Rocked!!!

Last night RSM and about 12 other churches got together and had a worship night! It was really cool and I hope we will be doing many more of these. I love it when the Church gets together like this. One of the reasons why I like Camp Rock so much, because we do the […]


No, that is not some new fishing trick. It is the way of the future for people to have their own ideas and views expressed to multiple people. It is basically like talk radio on your computer or iPod. If you don’t have an iPod you can simply listen to podcasts on iTunes from your […]


I know that has become a very popular thing with students these days and quite honestly I don’t get the excitement about it. It is cool to have your own personal web space and all, but it has become such a fad that teenagers will ask one another for their MySpace I.D. instead of […]