And Now a Word From the Jac…. err, Donkey!!!

“Yeah, Matt always thinks that,” said [Tony] Stewart, who had tapped Ryan Newman, enabling Kenseth to assume the lead on lap 57. “He has no room to complain. He started the whole thing, and I finished it.

“I guess Matt didn’t think anything when he got me sideways over in (Turn) 2, either. He should have thought about that first. He got back what he started in the first place. I got penalized for that,” Stewart added. “They didn’t penalize him when he turned me sideways over there, so he should have been smart enough to know not to be knocking down a guy’s door in the first 20 laps.”

From the USA Today.

So intentionally turning into someone for the sole purpose of wrecking them at a 190 miles an hour is the mature way to handle a little bump? Just about every bit of respect tony earned last season is gone in my opinion. What a freakin’ moron! Not only did he take Matt out, but he almost ruined many other people’s day. Nice job, Tony!

The above picture is a bad Photoshop job by me! LOL

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