The Auto Show

Here are the pics from my trip to the North American International Auto Show from yesterday. I have not been to the Auto Show in about 15 years.

The first picture you see here is a picture of the Sirius Satellite Radio booth, that I took for Adam. I do have a special gift that I got for you from there!

And i figured he might also enjoy the one below of the national championship winning solar car made by the geniuses at the University of Michigan! Too bad Notre Dame or Michigan State people are not smart enough to do that!

And here are the cars that cost more than my house!

Rolls Royce



Kobe Bryant’s Lamorghini with rims that cost on average $15,000!

The Lamborghini concept car

Speaking of concept cars……

Here are two of the concept cars that Toyota had there.

A minivan?

The next step from this is the Jetson’s flying car!

The Dodge Charger!

The Chevrolet Camaro!

I even saw a funny car!

Here is the pace car for the Daytona 500!

Speaking of NASCAR…..

This one is for Derek

Here is one of the biggest jerks in NASCAR car!

Here is the Nextel Cup champs car!

Here is a dork with Mark Martin’s car!

This is the trophy that Mark got for winning the pole at MIS, it was about 4 feet from me.

This is the trophy that goes to the guy who wins it all. I was also about 4 feet from it and could have easily picked it up.

Then I saw one of the best cars ever created. The 1963 Corvette “Stingray” with the split back window. It also has the distinction of being the very first Corvette “Stingray” ever made.

That was my exciting trip to the North American International Auto Show yesterday. And the oddest thing I saw was as I was walking along Jefferson Avenue near Hart Plaza was what looked like a stargate. And if you are a sci-fi geek, you will know what I am referring to! To think that Detroit could actually be a place that people from other planets would want to visit, but then again it could explain a lot about our city!

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