still following Him!!!!

In case you were wondering, we are still following Him! But currently it seems that God wants us to sit for a while. This week our real estate agent called and wanted to know if we were gonna relist our house, because our listing expires. Kimmy and I had been talking about it for the past couple of weeks about what we thought we should do and we both felt that we need to take it off of the market, so we called our real estate agent and now it is off the market. I have no idea what God is doing in all of this and why we feel He is leading us this way. But we have a peace about this and feel that it is the right decision. It is confusing and scary to think about, but having that peace that can only come from God makes it all seem okay. The odd thing is that during this whole time of job searching I have felt that we were going to go somewhere, but I never saw us out of our home and I never got that. So I think maybe God was prepping me with the fact that we are gonna be staying. We love our house and our neighborhood. And are very happy to be staying.

The other thing is that I have been sensing recently that God may want me to sit tight for a while and just take a break. And by that I mean not send any resumes out for a while. I am planning on leaving my resume up on Youth Specialties job bank and if someone reads it and contacts me, then I will pray about it. But otherwise I am not going to be sending out my resumes unless I really sense that it is something God is impressing me to send one. We have lived in a constant state of having our bags packed and ready to move at a moments notice. So are gonna unpack our bags and rest for a while.

We have found a church that we are gonna settle in at for a while. I have already had a meeting with the youth pastor there on friday and asked him how I can help them out there. I also sent an email to the senior pastor and asked him how I can help out with the young adults/college age ministry. So we are gonna plug ourselves in there and see where God leads us from there. I am really excited to see where it is that He leads us as we pursue this next adventure! As much as I should be disappointed and afraid, I am really excited instead. Today was the first time that I had an opportunity to sit in on a regular youth group meeting and I was so excited! They have some cool and fun events planned for the senior high group and I am looking forward to getting involved there and hanging out with students! So to some things up for us I guess all I can say is that God is telling us to sit for now, but I am figuring that I better hang on tight cause it is gonna be a wild ride! LOL (btw, I am the dork in the orange tanktop!)

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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