what a joke!

i can not believe the incompetence of that officiating crew at the alamo bowl! to quote the announcers…. “the incompetence of the replay officials” “this is the worst offciating, i have ever seen” and then to not call a penalty on the nebraska team at the end there, when they were all on the field […]

alamo bowling

today is the great traditional alamo bowl! NOT!!!! but it is the bowl that michigan got invited to, so i will be watching it! back in 1997 there was a controversy over who won the national championship because these two teams shared it, even though michigan won 5 of the 6 national championship trophies that […]

FOR KT!!!!!

Yesterday we got our first snowstorm of this winter season. About 6-8 inches of the “fluffy white spawn of satan” fell. I posted these pictures here so that my friend, KT, who lives in California and wants cold and snow for winter. God only knows why! LOL KT, turn up the A/C and enjoy the […]

daddy/daughter dance

On Sunday, 4 December 2005 (just two days after my 10 year anniversary), I had the privelege of taking my daughter to her school’s annual Daddy/Daughter Dance! And what an honor it was. Here are some pics from that wonderful day. There is my beautiful date! And what girl doesn’t get her hair done up […]

yesterday was great!

Yesterday was my 10 year wedding anniversary!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! I can not believe that I have been married for ten years and that Kimmy has put up with me for all ten! My parents surprised us on Thursday with a nice anniversary gift. A free trip to Valley Plaza Resort in Midland, MI! It was very […]

doing vs. being

While I was out hunting I was doing a lot of thinking and praying. Mainly about what the heck is going on with my situation and why it has taken so long to find another pastor to students position. I even thought that maybe what God wants me to do is start my own church […]