Happy Thanksgiving

My Lion’s lost, but that is nothing new. Although, us Lion’s fans used to be able to count on them winning on Thanksgiving Day, even though they may lose every other game. What is new is…… About 2 inches of snow fell on Wedensday and I can not think of the last time there was […]

THE GAME!!!!!!

You have many great rivalries in college football, like the “Iron Bowl”, “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”, “The Bayou Classic”, “The Red River Shootout”, “The Backyard Brawl”, and the “The Army-Navy Game”. But one game has stood out as the biggest, though there is a VERY valid argument for “The Army-Navy Game” being bigger, […]

fall week 6

Well, i forgot to do this on thursday, but I took the pictures on that day. I had some other things on my mind and then was gonna do it Friday and/or Saturday, but I was busy raking up all of them stupid leaves. But here are the colors…… As you can see the trees […]