blue is better than pink!

What is with that ugly color of carpeting you ask? Nope, it is not the newest color of carpeting that Kimmy has chosen for our house. It is the color of the carpeting in the locker room at the university of Iowa. What would possess a college football team to make the color of a locker room pink? It all started many years ago when Hayden Fry was coach of the University of Iowa and to bother (or some say to calm) the opposing team, he had the locker room painted pink. Bo Schembechler would complain that he had it painted fresh every time Michigan came to play, so that not only would they have to dress in a pink locker room, but also smell the paint fumes. One year when Michigan was ranked #2 and Iowa was #1, Bo had one of his assistants go out and buy brown butcher paper to hang up on the walls (back then it was only the walls painted pink). They lost that game so the next time they played Iowa at Kinnick Stadium, the same assistant asked Bo if he wanted him to buy the butcher paper again and Bo said, “no”, because it didn’t help them the last time and Michigan won that game.

This past year Iowa did some renovations to Kinnick Stadium so they had the entire visitor’s locker room painted and decorated in pink. The lockers are pink, the toilets are pink, the urinals are pink, the carpeting is pink, etc. You get the picture! The idea behind this whole thing is to get under the other teams skin and bother them, but also to possible add a calming effect to the team, so they don’t come out of the locker room pumped up. There is debate about whether or not it works. But I don’t really care. I think it does add a psychological effect to the opposing team and give the home team an edge. A lot of teams have little things like this that it does. Notre Dame’s locker room leads into the same hallway that the opposing teams does and they stand there as the other team goes onto the field. Michigan’s team does goes into the field second, but the entrance onto the field is on the visitor’s sideline, so they get to run through the opposing team on the sideline. That team down south (the OSU Suckeyes) has a stadium shaped like a horseshoe, but that is because they suck so bad and need every bit of luck they can get. But for everyone else it is all about getting the edge before the game starts.

Well, some idiotic professor decided that he would raise a stink over this because, “the use of pink demeans women, perpetuates offensive stereotypes about women and homosexuality”. And in another article I read someone else says, “With a pink locker room, you’re saying that, ‘You are a girlie man. You are weak, like a girl.’ That implies that girls are nondominant, therefore, lesser. And that is offensive.” GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Why the heck does everything have to be turned into something racial, sexist or homophobic? Because otherwise they wouldn’t have a case so they have to create something, but I am not getting into that now. There are just some things that are done just because you know that you can gain that added edge over the other team. Hayden Fry did not start that tradition because he was thinking to himself, “Oh, I have a great way that I can take a stab at homosexuals and women.” on the contrary, he said, “Oh, I know a great way that I can gain an edge on my opponents and mess with their heads.” And thus the pink locker room.

So why is it that I say blue is better than pink? Well, because Michigan beat Iowa and their stupid pink locker room. 23-20! GO BLUE!!!!!!!

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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