it’s that time of year!

it is that time of year once again! the annual backyard battle in michigan! this is where family and friends decide to not talk with one another as these two universities do battle. the trophy that goes to the winner of this contest is the paul bunyan governor of michigan trophy in which michigan leads the series 64-28-5. it is hard to call it a rivalry when there is such a lopsided record, but every year it doesn’t matter what the records are or who is ranked where, by the way michigan is not ranked going into this game.

i will be glad to see this game get done with because i am sick of state fans who are glowing in their victory over notre dame and saying, “see we beat them and michigan lost to notre dame!” DUH!!!!! it doesn’t matter. what matters is who beats who on the field, because they are the kings in the state for next 365 days. so come saturday we will see once and for all who is the better team. last years game was a great one that went into triple overtime and i hope this years is another nail biter, because…. aww, who am i kidding…. i hope michigan pastes those stupid sparty’s! GO BLUE!!!!! CRUSH STATE!!!!! the battle is on! i will have to see if amy wants to make a bet and if that team up north wins then i will put the state fight song in my blog and if michigan triumphs once again, then she has to put “hail to the victors” in hers!

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