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i had the interview with the church in indiana today and met with their exective pastor who drove up for the afternoon. he arrived about an hour late, because indiana is a crazy state and some counties do daylight savings time and some don’t and some are in the central time zone and some aren’t, as you can see in the map on the right. so while he was in the eastern time zone, they were not on daylight savings time, so they are an hour back. and he messed up that time shift when he left, but called while on the road as soon as he realized it. so it was no big deal and gave us a good laugh. then after he got here i took him to my favorite restaurant, bd’s mongolian barbeque. well, on our way there, as he was following me, i almost got into an accident! how embarassing, but oh well! then it ended on a very funny note, because as we were leaving i noticed that he had toilet paper stuck to his shoe! i quickly stepped on it and threw it out! way too funny!

but overall the interview went very well. i really like this guy because he is straight forward and very up front. my kind of a person! 😀 don’t beat around the bush, just say it. so he was very honest with us about the church, their building project and some of the things that the other yp had done that weren’t so good. he has got to fly out to interview 3 other people over the next 2 weekends, so we won’t be hearing anything back until monday, 26 september 2005 at the earliest. so it is back to the same old thing, waiting on Him!

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