…little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah,
need a little patience, yeah,
just a little patience, yeah,
some more pati…

that is part of the chorus from the song patience by guns n’ roses. song has been on my mind lately, because i am waiting to hear back from that church in texas. so hard to wait, but it is good to wait cause, well… you know… it teaches you patience! LOL but i will post something here to let ya’ll know what i hear. but i got an im from someone today and they said they were contacted for a reference check by that church, so that is good news! 😀

as i watch news coverage of what is going on down in the new orleans area i also think about that song. i know that the people there are desperate and with each passing minute things are getting more and more dire, but they need to have some patience and realize that people are doing everything they can to get relief to them. i have been so encouraged by some of the heart-warming stories of people helping one another out, but it seems for each of those you see these thugs who shoot at people trying to bring them help. can’t we set aside our gang differences and our desire to profit off of the destruction by looting! (note: people who are taking food and water for survival are NOT looting, they are surviving! but people who are stealing tv’s, toys, shoes, etc. are stealing and need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!) i know they are in panic mode and i can not even begin to fathom what they are going through, but panic will not help, nor acting like thugs! when the mayor has to ask the police to stop searching for survivors and start policing instead, because of the thugs, there is a major problem. act like humans!

but what ticks me off more than anything is the stupid news media that somehow feels like now is the time to make this whole thing political! not even the stupid terrorists who want to think that somehow this is allah judging america and calling hurricane katrina, private katrina ticked me off the way brian williams did today! i am watching the nbc evening news and he interviews a guy from fema (can’t remember who it was) and he tells him about a group of people in n.o. seeking food and water and the fema guy says they are “moving heaven and earth” to get them pallets of food and water. so brian williams says well we here at nbc and the people watching will be holding you to your word. and they also had a video of one of their photographers talking about what he has seen and there was a definite slam on the President and his administration. and brian had harry connick, jr. on there touring some of the areas and then a live interview with him, where brian proceeded to slam the President and his administration. can’t we lay aside politics at a time of crisis? what is with the democrats? lay it all aside and just help your common man! our nation is in a time of catastrophic crisis and all we can think about is advancing our political agenda. i am disgusted! not really amazed, because they obviously some people have not tact what so ever!

and on a side note… as much as i appreciate the media giving us this amazing coverage, why is fox news, cbs, nbc, abc, cnn, etc. not bringing these people food, water, and clothing. turn off the damn cameras for a minute and hand out some goods. you have gotten into those areas to help people out and could be bringing them relief instead of their 15 minutes of fame as they yell for help.

just some thoughts and personal opinions! it is my blog after all! back to waiting……

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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