whose your state?

well, my state is not the hoosier state. it is still michigan, for now! we are not going to indiana. same crap…. different church! and so the conversation goes, “your an extremely strong candidate, but this one small thing….” with texas it was no big group experience, this time it was that i did not […]

here is why!

a friend of mine asked on his blog “why DO you blog?” and in light of someone who commented that they did not like me giving sports updates and wanted to know what Jesus was doing in my life. i thought that i would answer that question here. because after all this is my blog […]

what a day!

today was a very interesting day in nascar racing. kasey kahne got into a wreck that was caused by kyle busch bumping him. but as you can see in the above picture, kasey decided to retaliate the next time kyle came around the track by pulling up in front of him. this is a no-no […]

what color are you?

i got this color not just because i cheer for michigan! GO BLUE!!!!! or that is my attitude after another lions loss, whom also happen to wear blue. but i think it actually is pretty well right on.         BLUE You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations […]

job news

i had the interview with the church in indiana today and met with their exective pastor who drove up for the afternoon. he arrived about an hour late, because indiana is a crazy state and some counties do daylight savings time and some don’t and some are in the central time zone and some aren’t, […]

sporting news

Who needs it anyway? Player to cut finger Australian Rules Football player Brett Backwell plans to have one of his fingers amputated in an attempt to improve his game, telling the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Tuesday that he has suffered from pain since he broke his left ring finger three years ago. Doctors had suggested […]