another questionnaire and other thoughts….

i filled out another questionnaire for a church, this one is for a church in buckeye (argh! i hate saying that name!), arizona! the sp emailed me and said that of all the resume’s they have recieved i was “the entire personnel teams’ first choice”. so things are looking good there.

next week at this time my wife and i will be in texas for a job interview with a church in the dallas/fort worth area. i am really excited to go and visit this church and meet the pastors there. i really enjoyed my phone interview that i had with them and it will be interesting to see if i get the same feeling after meeting them face to face. plus, i am interested to see what my wife thinks since she has not had the opportunities that i have had to have conversations with them.

yesterday, kimmy and i were talking about the three church’s that are left at this time (just in case you don’t know…. 1 in tx, in in indiana & 1 in az) and she was saying that of all of them she thinks that the texas one will be the best place for us. she just thinks that it may be the place for us to be, but she said she would prefer the on in indiana just because we would not be too far from our parents. i was actually pretty shocked to hear her say that, because i would have never thought that she would want to live that far away from “home”. i know that she does have some relatives in oklahoma and we won’t be too far from them, but being that she has never really gotten to know them because she grew up so far from them, i was shocked to hear her say that.

i must say that i also like the idea of texas, which shocks me because i have always leaned towards wanting to move to arizona. but i reall ylike where this church is at and where they want to go. plus, the more i have researched the area i find that i really like the community and feel of the area. plus, i was talking with someone who has lived in texas for over 20 years and she said she has never liked country music and they haven’t kicked her out yet! in fact, she said she HATES it! LOL so i guess they could handle me down there.

i have to also say that when i researched the price of homes and i see that in texas and indiana we could move there and buy a home bigger than the one we live in and for almost half the price, i think that would be cool! if we went to arizona i have no idea how we could get into a home. the home values there have gone nuts! in the past year a home in the phoenix area has gone up 47%! holy cow! that is insane. especially since here in michigan it has only gone up 0.4%!

but even with all of that, you know what? if i don’t go to the place that God wants us to be, we will be miserable! i don’t care what the climate is or what kind of home we get or what the church is like, if God does not want us to be there, we won’t be happy. and thus you will understand the bold headline across this blog….. FOLLOWING HIM!!! i want to follow Him where He wants us because that is the best place to live and be. if that means i am not in student ministry for a while longer, then i will be happy to just follow Him whereever He leads. God is the reason i get up in the morning and breath in and out, otherwise life would just be hopeless! thanks for taking the time to read this!

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Kim, father to Hannah & Caleb, and the connections pastor at The River Church. The thoughts expressed here are my own and not The River Church's.

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