texas follow-up……

today i had a phone interview with that church in texas and it seemed to go very well. they said that i answered the questions good and seemed like they were impressed with me. i asked them a few questions and i think i stumped them a bit, because they were not expecting questions like i had asked.

the senior pastor, associate pastor and the director of worship where the guys who did the interview and they seem to be a really good team and have a good working relationship. they not only like to work together, but seem to even like hanging out with one another which is very important to me.

they said they had some other people they were gonna interview and then they would decide on who to bring out for face to face interviews and then make a decision from there. all in all they said they plan on having the decision made in about 30-45 days. it will be interesting to see how it goes! keep praying with us.

i also got a call from one of the church’s in az yesterday and they said they were going to be starting up the process of formally looking for a new yp and that he would be sending me a questionnaire! oh joy! another one! LOL

this weekend i will be going away for the yearly summer youth camp that i help organize, and since it is only about an hour away from the church in indiana that i had a phone interview with about a week ago…. i decided i would go and visit one of their weekend worship services. anyway, keep us in your prayers please!

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