a little update….

i emailed the church in az and told them that this week is too crazy for the phone interview, which it is and i told my neighbor i would help him with something that day anyway. and the church in indiana moved things back to the week after, so that gives some more time also. […]


probably wondering about the title of this blog. well, it is for a couple of reasons. the first one is that i hate waiting! God has really taught me a lot of patience during this whole time and though it has been very hard, it has been extremely rewarding. someone told me that they felt […]

lone star news

howdy ya’ll!!!!! here i sit in my hotel room down here in the great state of texas with a myriad of emotions and thoughts. yesterday and today were some pretty big and busy days. yesterday we arrived safely and met the associate pastor (ap) by the baggage claim, got our luggage and then headed off […]

i have a problem….

today, i found a website of people who are fans of the greatest sesame street character ever! as you can see there are fans of his from 10 different country’s! the web is such a wonderful thing! here is a link to the website…. imaginary friend gotta love it!

it’s official!

not that i am insane, cause we already knew that! LOL i am officially going to visit that church in texas from august 26th- 29th (monday- friday). they are putting us up in a very nice hotel…..and i am really impressed! i would have been happy to have someone open up their home for us […]