the phone interview with the church in indiana went very well. just to catch you up to speed….. back in may they sent me a questionnaire to fill out and i did it and then sent it back to them within the next day or two. then i never heard back from them for a while, so i sent them an email asking them where things were at in their process.

i got an email back from them saying that they never received my questionnaire, but he would like to get another copy of it so he could add me to it. they had taken the original group and narrowed it down and did not find the right person for the job. so they re-listed the job.

after the interview he told me that they are gonna move forward with me, but have other people they are gonna get some questionnaires from. the deadline for those is august 15th, so i will not hear from them until then. but i believe they will be inviting me out for a face to face. the guy gave me a good heads up on things that they will be asking me, especially since i have experience at a smaller church than theirs. but i was actually already expecting to have to answer how i plan on making that transition. but things look good, so keep praying.

hopefully i will also be hearing back from one of the churches in arizona soon.

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