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i am really excited for several movies that are coming out this year! hitchhiker’s guide to the galxy (which was good), star wars 3, the war of the worlds, batman returns, superman, harry potter and the goblet of fire, but next to the new hp movie i am most excited about seeing the movie serenity. […]


i am not Catholic but i am interested in this whole process because the Pope has such great opportunity to inflict some morality and faith into this world. so i was really praying for the Cardinals in the Conclave to be guided by the Holy Spirit so that we would have a Pope that would […]

job search update

on sunday i saw that the church in california that i had an informal interview with and then did not make the short list, re-listed the job. i emailed the youth pastor to ask him if the candidiates they were looking at did not make it and if the job was indeed available again. and […]


well, last week we finally sold our suburban and in good time because the gas prices went nutso! then today we finally got a new car, well, new-to-us used! LOL we got a 1995 honda accord…. it runs great, looks great, has a good amount of room and best of all it is great on […]

sad day

i am not Catholic, never have been, but i am saddened by the loss of Pope John Paul II. he was a great man and had a profound impact upon our world and my life. i never had the opportunity to meet him or see him in real life, but i have observed him my […]